Saturday, May 24, 2008

Favorite Topics

Sarah is always creating new topics inspired by experiences with her clients, body image, dressing challenges today's business world, current trends in fashion, and new products that solve our beauty dilemmas. Here are some of her topics. If you don't see the one that's perfect for you, give her a call and she'll create a segment just for you.

Dress Yourself Skinny!
No more crash dieting! You can change your body just by changing your clothes and accessories. Sarah shows you how to drop 15 pounds in 5 minutes. Really! (it's a great instant self-esteem boost, or motivation to stay on a healthy diet and reach your target weight)

7 Deadly Underwear Sins
The 7 ways our underwear makes you look fatter than you really are. Who knew changing your underwear could change your life?!

Color Blind? Or Color Mastermind?
Advertising professionals and interior designers know that color impacts and evokes emotions. Sarah shows you how to apply that same knowledge to image and help yourself -- and others -- navigate sticky situations, enjoy experiences more fully or inspire action by wearing the right colors for meetings, interviews, and social occasions.

The Secret Language Of Image
Your image can help you be recognized as the valuable contributor you are or, it can block personal connections and keep you from being understood. Sarah translates the “language of image,” and demonstrates how to dress to communicate your professionalism, talents and character traits in the work environment — without sacrificing personality or style.

Cute Shoes That Are Comfortable Too
Sarah has been on the prowl for comfortable shoes for women who don’t want to look like they wear comfortable shoes. You'll never believe these beautiful, cute, fun shoes don’t kill your feet!

What To Wear On Election Day?
Feeling the urge to express yourself during election season? Here are some ways to express your political opinion without loosing it (your job or friends, that is)!